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Baby Shower

One of the Best Places To Have a Baby Shower in Denver CO is at Shotgun Willie’s

The baby is almost here. Life is changing forever.

It’s time to let your friends and family dote on you, shower you with presents, and, well, PARTY!

Bringing a baby into your life is one of life’s biggest joys, gifts, and changes.

The best way to celebrate this amazing time in your life is with a baby shower like no other.

There are many places to have a baby shower in Denver such as here at with us at Shotgun Willie’s!


It’s Time For a Baby Shower!

Your baby shower is an event that you will never forget.

That’s why you want to ensure that you plan a shower that brings joy, laughter, fun, and a little bit of crazy!

Find the best baby shower venue near me!

How can you throw a baby shower that will put a smile on everyone’s face? One that will go down as the most memorable baby shower that your friends and family have ever experienced?

Where are there top-notch places to rent for a baby shower? Have your baby shower at Shotgun Willie’s!

Yes, you heard us right. Shotgun Willie’s provides a large venue, exciting entertainment, and a baby shower experience like no other.

You’re thinking, but it’s a strip club, isn’t it?

We’re not just for bachelor, birthday, and divorce parties.

Have you ever heard of a baby shower in a strip club? Nope?

Well, you’re looking to have an unforgettable shower to welcome your baby into this world, aren’t you? Trust us, a strip club baby shower is about as unforgettable as it gets.

When you’re looking for baby shower locations, our club is chock full of fun, games, food, drinks, and everything you need to entertain your guests and just plain enjoy yourself before your little one’s arrival.


Prepare For Your Baby Shower At Shotgun Willie’s

Once you choose us for your baby shower venue, you’ll need to work on a few more details before your big day.

  • We provide a good baby shower venue to accommodate a huge number of guests.
  • We offer a good and wide selection of food and drinks for your guests.
  • Make your baby shower unique and extra fun when you hold it at our space!

When you choose your guests, make sure you’re inviting the people who love you and will love your choice of venue.

Send out digital invites letting people know the details, such as time, date, and location (Shotgun Willie’s!).

Keep it lighthearted. This is a joyous occasion and it’s also at a strip club. There’s not much that’s more lighthearted than that.

Make sure to specify that this is an adult’s only event so kids need to be left at home. Except of course for the one in the womb.

Shotgun Willie’s has incredible food and drinks, so you won’t need to worry about coming up with a menu or catering for your baby shower.

This makes planning and preparation a bit easier for you and a bit more delicious and exciting for your guests.

You might want to think about having someone bake your cake though. Blue for a boy? Pink for a girl?

Don’t forget to plan some games.

Come up with a plan for games you want to play, and don’t worry, Shotgun Willie’s is an incredible place for games. In fact, we’ll probably add in some of our own, and some DreamGirls to play the games along with you!

Above all, take some time during your shower to open gifts. You need them. Your baby needs them. And what’s a shower without presents, anyway?

Don’t think twice. Our place is an amazing place to hold your baby shower. It will be truly unforgettable.

Call us today to book your baby shower event space and other services.


Driving directions:

Shotgun Willie’s is 12 minutes away from the Daniels and Fisher Tower, 11 minutes away from Denver Public Library, and 11 minutes away from Denver Mint.

  • From Daniels and Fisher Tower – Drive from Speer Blvd and Cherry Creek S Dr to Glendale. Turn right. Destination will be on the right.
  • From Denver Public Library – Drive from N Broadway, Speer Blvd, E 1st Ave and Cherry Creek S Dr to Glendale. Turn right. Destination will be on the right.
  • From Denver Mint – Drive from Speer Blvd, E 1st Ave and Cherry Creek S Dr to Glendale. Turn right. Destination will be on the right.

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