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The world doesn’t need another fancy strip club. You can find those anywhere. They’re always decked-out like gauche replicas or the Taj Mahal or look like a one-story version of Trump Tower. While there’s nothing wrong with those places, they’re just trying to offer what they call a “Premium Experience” or some kind of “Exotic Escape.”

But why can’t premium also be comfortable? Who said you needed to escape, anyway?

Can’t you just be you – a guy looking to unwind with friends in a place you feel welcome in?

We founded Shotgun Willie’s in 1982, and over the last thirty years we’ve risen to become one of the top gentlemen’s clubs in the country. But in all that time, we’ve never tried to be anything other than what we are: 200 of the country’s most-beautiful entertainers surrounded by 10,000 square feet of well-appointed space where a guy can be a guy. We don’t expect you to be anything other than what you are – A real person who deserves to have a great time in a place custom-built to make sure that happens right.


There are no VIP rooms at Shotgun Willie’s. No system that says Guy A is uber important while Guy B is just kind of important. Instead of a bunch of glorified closets where you need to know a secret handshake (which usually means loaded with cash) to get in, we’ve always had and always will have an open floor plan.

Feel free to mingle and roam.

As you move around, you’ll notice the walls aren’t the only things that have been taken out of the way. There’s also no attitude. No formalities. Nothing to suggest you’re anywhere else but a place you can call home. Hey, we even have a bartender who’s been around for 30 years, a manager who’s been here 31, and dozens of customers who’ve been coming in for most their adult lives.

We can’t possibly know how much time you’ll decide to spend hanging out with us, but don’t be surprised if it ends up being a bit longer than you expected. Whether it’s a couple hours some random afternoon or you make Shotgun Willie’s your regular hangout, one thing is certain – we’ll be honored you dropped by.

We Built A New Club
But We Left The Atmosphere

The heart of Shotgun Willie’s can’t be found on a blueprint or floor plan. It’s the feeling you’re somewhere you belong. A place you can just be yourself.

So, when we got to work on our new building, we left that part alone. We stuck with the low ceilings, 7 octagonal stages, and our raised boardroom. Those things have always been a part of who are are, so we continued them in our new space. Still, that didn’t stop us from adding a bunch of incredible new features.

We now have an 8th stage in a glass-enclosed conference room, complete with state-of-the-art A/V equipment, making it a perfect spot for parties and open-minded companies who want a memorable place to host meetings.

There are also two other new rooms viewable from the main ballroom. The first is the Blue Room where you can enjoy a bite, meet a client, or enjoy bottle service with entertainers. The second is the Barrel Room, which has a standing reservation for our cigar and liquor locker members. The Barrel Room is a raised, semi-enclosed area that has tables that lower to become personalized stages for your entertainment.

We also have stock and bore liquor lockers, cigar lockers, a brand new kitchen with a stone-fired pizza oven, and a patio where patrons can smoke and enjoy smooth cigars and chill conversations.

Open Til 4am on the weekends